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Grade It Essay Grader Features

Word Count
Counts how many words the essay contains.
Checks if sentences contain a subject and a predicate. If they don't, they are counted as fragments.
Sentences that are too long are counted as run-on sentences.
Checks if sentences start with a capital letter.
Catches grammatical errors in the essay and shows suggestions of the correct grammar.
Checks for misspellings and shows suggestions for correct spelling.
Subject-Verb Agreement
Checks if the subject and verb agree in plurality or singularity.
It only checks for forms of "to be" linking verbs. Ex: is, are, was, were, etc...
Passive Voice
Checks if sentences are written in the passive voice.
And, But, Or Sentences
Checks if sentences start with And, But, or Or.
Checks if essay contains any wordy relative clauses, vague modifiers, redundant adverbs or unnecessary words.
Possible words or changes to the words are suggested.
Checks if sentences contain any transition words.
Tense Shift
Finds the tense of the essay and displays all tense shifts throughtout the essay.
Shows individual word frequency and word's part of speech.
Plagiarism Detection
Checks essay for plagiarism.
If plagiarism is detected, shows possible sources of plagiarized text.